General Questions

Yes! We require a $2000 retainer for motor vehicle accidents, and $3500 retainer for accidents involving commercial vehicles.

Yes! Our lead investigator has been sworn in as an expert witness, and has presented evidence in all courts, including Federal court.

Yes, we can do a case evaluation. The cost for the evaluation is $500. If we see that the case is one we can help you with, that price will be deducted from the retainer. If we can't help you answer whatever question you have, the $500 is due within 7 days of receiving the invoice.

Client Query

Retaining us is easy! Just call us at 478-461-4309. We can discuss your case and see if we can help. If so, we can quote you a price of what we estimate it will cost to complete your case. Our estimates are 99% exact most of the time. If there is a cost difference from some unforeseen area, we will work it out with the client. Once the retainer is paid we get to work. 

It really depends on what you need done. The vast majority of cases don't require a lot of fancy diagrams and speed estimates. Those cases can be disposed of in about two weeks or less. Cases that are more complex can take more time. We do offer a $2000 rush fee if you have an urgent need that will be added on top of whatever your final invoice is.

Once we turn in your case, payment is due within 7 days. If payment is not made in 7 days, a late fee will be added of $25 per day. 

Absolutely! We can scale ANY intersection with exact measurements that can be used in any court format. Our daigrams can be used to measure a distance and show exact vehicle and evidence placement. We use the latest equipment from Laser Technology to perform these task.We can can place drawings on regular 8.5 by 11 paper, or on foam boards that are courtroom ready.

Yes, drones are available for use in any of our cases where it is needed. Our pilots are FAA certified drone pilots, and can operate our drones in any kind of weather condition to simulate the conditions of your accident in real time. We also help with search and rescue operations as well as disaster area scene photos so your agents will know what they face before they get there.